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Simple Facts about Tingling in the Hands

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Hand tingling or tingling in the hands may also be known as electric sensation in the hand, finger tingling, electric sensation or numbness in hands. It is the annoying and almost a shock-like sensation that you can throughout your fingers and hands. Sometimes, you might feel it up your arms to the jaw and neck. Its causes are often harmless and benign, but some tingling sensation can be a warning sign of a more serious condition that needs treatment.

What are the Characteristics of the Tingling?

The tingling can be a prickly, pins-and-needles sensation you feel in the fingers and hands. It may affect one or both the hands. It can be a burning pain, stiffness and might reduce your range of motion. You may also feel numb in your hands or tightness in your forearm muscles.

Who Gets more Affected by it?

Anyone can get affected by the symptoms of tingling in the hands. However, those are more likely to experience this are the desk workers who often spend a long time using a mouse and keyboard. It is also experienced by anyone with a circulatory system damage and/or nerve issues. has more information on the neuropatia.

Are the Symptoms Serious?

Just as mentioned, experiencing the prickly, sensation in the hands and fingers is not a cause for alarm. However, a more persistent condition that begins gradually can be a real concern. Continued damage on the nerve can also result in permanent numbness or loss hand sensation.

Treatment for Tingling or Numbness in Hands

If you experience a sudden tingly in only your left had, heart attack and hypertension may cause this, so immediately ask for a medical assistance. You also have to seek immediate treatment if you experience tingling and numbness in the hands, face, and arms, along with blurred vision, slurred speech, headache and dizziness. This is often a warning sign of an impending stroke.