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Frequently Asked Questions When You Buy League of Legends Account

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It is only natural for those who are considering to buy League of Legends account from an online seller to have several questions regarding their transaction. After all, buying LOL smurfs is a good investment that players need to consider getting. If you are still deciding whether to buy league of legends account, here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions to help you make up your mind.

1. What are the risks in buying LOL accounts?

So far, the biggest risk in buying LOL accounts is that the player’s account might be banned. There is no fool-proof plan to successfully avoid this scenario. The best solution is to buy your accounts from a reliable seller. Never buy accounts from auction sites as it increases your chance of getting caught. However, if such a tragedy finally arrives at your doorstep, you can still do something about it. There are sellers in the market that would gladly give your money back if this happens.

2. Can I choose the name for the account?

For quality purposes, most sellers do not allow their clients to choose their own name. However, the seller bears the burden of ensuring they assign an a normal-looking account name to their client. This is because there are some sellers that would stick a bot-looking name on their client thus forcing Riot Games to look closely at the account and ban it as necessary.

3. Is is safe?

With the prevalence of hackers, it is only natural that you fear for your account’s safety. It is also a problem when you buy accounts from untrustworthy sites as they might claim or hijack your account once they receive your money. Reliable sellers often sends the client a username and password, which gives their clients the power to change the password and registered email as soon as payment goes through. This minimizes the risk of account hijacking and will make it look like you made the purchased account yourself.