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Charles Barkley Jersey

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Charles Barkley (a.k.a. Sir Charles or The Round Mound of Rebound) is one of the most popular and also contreversial basketball players in NBA history making the Phoenix Suns Charles Barkley jersey on of the best selling basketball jerseys ever. Charles Barkley was named MVP of the NBA in 1993 and soon later was named one of the 50 greatest players of all time. He was contreversial for fighting during the games and for some comments on and off the court. I like his fights though. All he did was give a few elbows. These is the NBA though, the big leauge of Basketball. These guys should not be crying about taking an elbow. They must deal and shake it off. Charles Barkley is 6’6” tall and his average weight is around 250 pounds. He played for the 76ers, Rockets, and Phoenix Suns. The Phoenix Suns Charles Barkley jersey is the best selling Charles Barkley jersey out of the three. I have the Charles Barkley jersey from all three teams and am very proud of them!