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Stuck Indoors? Keep Your Little Girls Entertained with These Activities

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Entertaining kids can be tricky especially when you are limited indoors. Kids have such short attention spans and they can easily cause a huge mess or get in trouble looking for things to do. When you find yourself stick indoors and running low on energy, here are some activities that you can do to keep your little girls busy:

• Tea party – Have your girls dress up and set up a tea party. Gather their stuffed toys and dolls around the table to be the “guests” of the party. If you have cookies or cracker, let the girls use them as “party food”. You can also give them juice or milk as “tea”. But if they are still too young to play with real food and you do not want a mess, ask them to pretend.

• Water color – Bring out the artists in them with water color. Water color is washable so you do not have to worry if they make a mess. Do not forget to hang their finished product in the fridge so that on the next rainy day, they will be encouraged to do better art.

• Write letters – Get your girls to practice their writing by letting them write to your out-of-town relatives.

• Movie marathon – Make some popcorn and have your own film festival. A movie lasts for about 2 hours. Two to three movies will give you a lot of time to do other chores or recharge without having to worry about what your kids are doing.

• Digital distraction – When you are really running law on energy or can’t keep an eye on them the whole time, bring out your phone or tablet and look for girls games. There are websites that have dress-up games, cooking games, and many more that can distract your kids for hours.

With these activities in mind, you will no longer have to dread being stuck indoors.