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Personalized Horoscope Planet Representation

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Horoscope uses the sun, moon and the planets as a point of reference in understanding a person’s personality. It’s a guide to see the entire being of person when it comes to a relationship with other people. When done correctly, a person can improve his or her life as well as his or her relationship with other people. In this article, you’ll learn and understand the meaning of each element in the horoscope. has various tutorials related to personalized horoscope.


If you want to know your deepest goal in life, check the sun. The element informs you of the things you want. So, if you think that you’re losing your direction, the sun can help you figure out.


The moon opens your eyes to the reality of your feelings and how you respond emotionally. So, if you’re confused on the treatment of other people towards you, the moon will be your guide. It helps you understand how other people see you and why they treat you that way.

The planets

The different planets also help you understand yourself and how you relate to other people. Mercury let you know you think and express yourself while Venus shows how you relate to others. Mars how you use your talent as well as your energy to get what you want. Jupiter expands your understanding and shows you how you enjoy yourself. Saturn shows the strength of character you have and how much self-discipline you have.

Other planets such as Pluto, Uranus and Neptune have meaning as well. Neptune shows how you can best help with other people. Uranus shows your originality and your personal creative and inventive side. Pluto shows you how you can improve yourself through a deep knowledge of yourself.


The elements of the horoscope are very important. If you’ll use it to improve yourself, good vibes will come your way every day.