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1 box of Scott Reagent, 10 test results

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One of the main reagents that should be included in your kit, especially if you happen to be dealing with cocaine would be the Scott reagent. Though it is not an official test that you can release results of especially when you are just a beginner at this kind of things. It would help you a lot to prove that someone you know or not is using cocaine. What do you need to know about it so that you will understand more? Here are some details that might be of help to you. has more information on the scott reagent.

Presumptive test

It is very important to realize that the Scott reagent is only for the presumptive test, before you assume anything, you get to make sure that what you are trying to say has a basis. It would help you out to distinguish in between cocaine base and also cocaine HCl. Both are types of cocaine, but they are of different variety. If you know someone using it, you can instantly know about them using this. Be sure to always keep this in mind especially if you plan on using it as evidence to point someone using a cocaine out.

Enforcement only

You should also take note that most physical stores would only be selling it to members of the law only as this is a very confidential item that they use in trying to make sure that people are not consumed with drugs and that they are all safe.

Needs confirmation

A test from the kit with the Ehrlich reagent is not enough to give official results, just a preliminary answer to a temporary problem. You need not worry as information for it will be seen when it is confirmed inside a laboratory that you trust. So go ahead and have results confirmed right on.