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What Are The Things To Expect When You Order Marquis Reagent Kit?

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Have you ever heard or encountered the word Marquis Reagent? It is not on a daily basis that you get to hear about it, but if you are curious of what it is all about and what does it serve its purpose then reading this article can help you with that. Marquis Reagent is actually a special kit used in order to know if there is a presence of ecstasy or molly in a given substance. It is actually very simple to use since the kit comes with instructions on how to use it and some other items that are included in the kit.

It comes with a special 15 ml dropper bottle

If you are going to purchase a Marquis Reagent kit online, it comes with a specialized dropper bottle that can hold up to 15 ml of liquid on it. This special bottle is patented to make sure that the solution is safely placed in the bottle that leak wouldn’t be possible. Since the Marquis Reagent kit is used in order to identify which alkaloid substance is it. Each substance has its corresponding color in order for you to identify it.

It comes with Instructions on how to use it

Since you will be dealing with a chemical substance, it is very important that you need to read first the instructions that come with the Marquis Reagent kit. At least you will know the first thing that you would do when you are going to use it. And most especially if there is some accident spill of the substance, you will be able to perform first aid with the help of the instructions.
If you are planning to purchase a Marquis Reagent but you don’t have a clue where you can buy one, you may start looking for it online. Some online shops sell this kit for like $20 and everything that was mentioned in the article also comes with the kit. Just make sure to only buy legit ones.