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There can be a lot of reasons why you are losing your hair but most common reason is because you had it in your genes. Depending on reasons, there can be solutions for it and you can have your hair growing again. In this article, we will share with you some helpful tips to solve your hair loss problems depending on why you are experiencing it.

Seasonal change
Some of use experience hair loss because of changes in season. You still need to consult a doctor for this so he or she can prescribe medications for you. They can even suggest topical creams that you can apply on the affected area. You will also be advised to have the right diet so that your hair can grow back faster. If you experience extreme thinning of hair, you will be advised to have mesotherapy or PRP. This is the process where you will be injected of necessary nutrients to make your hair grow back. هير.com has more information on زراعة الشعر في تركيا.

If you inherited the genes of losing hair as you grow older, creams, ointments, and injections will not be very helpful. This is the time that you can consider having a hair transplant. Hair transplant in Turkey has been an option for many people who has been losing hair because of their genes. This process has different methods and patients may choose what they want or doctors can actually recommend the best method to use. One procedure is called FUE or follicular unit extraction and the other one is FUT or follicular unit transplantation.

If you are going to have a hair transplant, make sure to choose the best in this field so you can get the best result after the procedure. Take time to learn more about the surgeon so that your money will not be wasted in the process.