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The Hidden Meaning of Forehead Kiss

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There are different kinds of kisses. A kiss on the cheek which could mean friendly and greeting, kiss on the lips which means romantic, kiss on the neck and jaw which means sexual pleasure, kiss on the hand which would mean respect, and many others. And there’s this special kiss that always makes every person special: the Forehead Kiss. In this article, let’s find out what’s the different meaning of forehead kiss in different situation. Are you ready? Together, let’s find out the hidden meanings of forehead kiss.

Forehead Kiss on a First Date

If your guy kisses you on the forehead during your first date, it implies affection. It’s a gesture that he likes you. He may not go directly to your kiss because it’s your first date and he doesn’t want you to misunderstood a romantic kiss on the lips. That could also mean “thank you” for being a wonderful company, and he looks forward to the next romantic moment with you.

Forehead Kiss in an Exclusive Relationship

Forehead kiss when you are in an exclusive relationship, or let’s say you’ve been dating with the same person in a while, this could mean protection. When a forehead kiss is given after making out love session or sex, this means tenderness and affection which makes your bond deeper and stronger more than being naked with each other. this also means “thank you” and “I love you”, thanking you for entrusting your body to him.

Forehead Kiss after lover’s quarrel

A forehead kiss after certain misunderstanding or quarrel means humility on the part of males. This means that they are sorry for what happened and that they accept fault even if both of you contributed to the misunderstandings. This would also mean that they are willing to accept the fault and make up with each other.