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3 Important Aspects Your Garage Door Should Have

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Homeowners would typically think of what material they would use for their garage doors – would it be wood or steel or any other material as long as it fits the need. Of course, nothing’s wrong it that. But there’s more to a garage door than its physical features. Let’s check on the 3 basic aspects that must be present on your door.

1. Manual Controls Back-Up

True, automation nowadays is normal. Not only we could find automation in high end laboratory instruments but at our home appliances as well. It makes our lives simpler, faster and comfortable. This is just the same with our garage doors. We don’t want to get out of our car to open and close the door. That’s the ideal set-up. But ideal situations are limited and are prone to errors. So, no matter how perfect the operation goes, time will come it will encounter errors and you could not solve it “automatically”. It needs manual override before you could totally fix it. Back up your garage doors system with manual controls – always.

2. Safety Features

Safety features apply to different types of garage door but we could focus mainly on roll-up-steel type of doors. Opening and closing these type of doors carries the weight of the entire steel and if it’s closing and someone is underneath the door (especially naughty little kids), then things might get bad. There were children who reportedly killed by being trapped beneath garage doors, not stopping even it is obstructed (with something or someone!). The typical protection measure is by using a safety reverse system. The door will automatically re-open when it gets obstructed on its way down.

3. Regular maintenance

As we always say, “Prevention is better than cure.” But this doesn’t just apply to health. Preventing accidents from happening is a lot better than watching your loved ones (especially little kids) on a hospital bed. Watch out for small delayed responses of the automatic garage door, losing hinges or anything else. This might be a sign that the door needs an expert check-up.

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