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With the vintage designs of Striped Dot continuing to capture the market worldwide, this company will give you the best vintage stocking. Unique pieces of vintage stockings from Striped Dot will not only give you a different historical perspective but also a chic appearance at all times. If you are more curious about vintage stockings then you can learn more about it on


Whether you need vintage stocking from the 1900s or 1960s, the interesting fully fashioned stockings of Striped Dot will surely give you utter satisfaction. The vintage styles of Striped Dot are simply beautiful and elegant and gives a transparent appearance on your legs. There are a variety of colors available as well for you to choose from.

With the unquenchable desire of the Striped Dot Company to give a feminine look to women around the world, this company delivers vintage stockings wherever you are. This company also caters orders from luxury boutiques of fashion clothing designers worldwide.

Having satisfied users and even designers for the vintage stockings of Striped Dot, the products from this company are attested to be of the highest quality. With all products hand sewn, you can be assured that your vintage stockings are never mass produced. As Striped Dot has a quality control team checking all the products, there is no doubt that you get the best vintage stocking for yourself.

Suitable to be used even with contemporary designs, the vintage stockings from Striped Dot are a treasure for you waiting to be discovered. Be different from other people by using the vintage stockings of Striped Dot.

SEO Auckland for your Business Success

Are you looking to expand your business? Perhaps, you have tried different marketing strategies to attract the attention of your clients but nothing seems to work. Have you need in the industry for years but haven’t seen any improvement in your sales or revenue because of your old-fashioned marketing approach? If so, then you have to understand that search engine optimization is the newest trend in a successful marketing approach the works. This is why you need SEO Auckland to thrive in the market and stand above the competition. This site help you to get more details about it.

The Role of SEO Auckland to your Business
Unlike with traditional marketing where you spend thousands of dollars for just a few minutes of TV exposure, you don’t need to break your bank account on SEO or digital marketing.
Moreover, most people barely notice fliers and banners anymore. These archaic marketing and advertising methods take up plenty of work force, money and time. This isn’t the case with SEO where sometimes marketing can even be free, like social media.

If you want to build strong customer relationships, search engine optimization is the key. Thanks to the World Wide Web, business owners have a way to directly reach out to potential customers, share their products and services and give valuable information as well as include testimonials for backup. These things will greatly help in convincing clients to make a decision and use the services.

Also, one of the best things about SEO is that it allows businesses to extend their operations worldwide. With international shipping, quality products and optimized website, customers who can only find the products they need outside the country finds it easier to transact online.
Do you want to set up and be ahead of the game? Then don’t be a mediocre and take advantage of the power of the internet for your success. Use the services of SEO Auckland for your success.

1 box of Scott Reagent, 10 test results

One of the main reagents that should be included in your kit, especially if you happen to be dealing with cocaine would be the Scott reagent. Though it is not an official test that you can release results of especially when you are just a beginner at this kind of things. It would help you a lot to prove that someone you know or not is using cocaine. What do you need to know about it so that you will understand more? Here are some details that might be of help to you. has more information on the scott reagent.

Presumptive test

It is very important to realize that the Scott reagent is only for the presumptive test, before you assume anything, you get to make sure that what you are trying to say has a basis. It would help you out to distinguish in between cocaine base and also cocaine HCl. Both are types of cocaine, but they are of different variety. If you know someone using it, you can instantly know about them using this. Be sure to always keep this in mind especially if you plan on using it as evidence to point someone using a cocaine out.

Enforcement only

You should also take note that most physical stores would only be selling it to members of the law only as this is a very confidential item that they use in trying to make sure that people are not consumed with drugs and that they are all safe.

Needs confirmation

A test from the kit with the Ehrlich reagent is not enough to give official results, just a preliminary answer to a temporary problem. You need not worry as information for it will be seen when it is confirmed inside a laboratory that you trust. So go ahead and have results confirmed right on.